VPN Service - Accelerate Internet Speed - Unblock Website

Use VPN Everything is possible! No lag at all, access all the web that blocked your country IP,locate you in same country where your bank account is. there is no more lagged in online games,google video or youtube.*(1)

- 99.8% service uptime
- Unlimited monthly transfer
- Secure 128bit-key encrypted
- No need proxy server any more
- Support for all applications
- Protection from sniffers
- Hiding your real IP
- Secured connection for all apps

Monthly Price 350RMB

Dedicated bandwidth and optimized for China ISP/Broadband.Best,Reliable,Fast and Affordable!Avoid Restriction of ISP and protect privacy.

Security and anonymity.
Bypass firewalls and restrictions.
Unlocking websites.
Locate you in country where bank is.
Speed up connections to overseas.
Use all countries VPN in 1 account.
2 different servers/IPs for each country.

Unblock youtube,okurt,myspace,BBC iPlayer,wikipedia,CNN,baidu mp3,skype,flickr! unblock skype,access poker/gambling/adult sites anonymously from anywhere.NO more blocked website.

U.S. VPN - Easy setup VPN with U.S. ip address,visit any website,bypassing firewalls of government,avoid restriction in your country,unblock flickr,youtube,okurt,myspace,facebook,cnn,NO more blocked websites.

Canada VPN - Canada VPN have a canada ip address,you are able to visit any canada's internet resources without limited. more quickly and speed up more!

United Kingdom VPN - VPN's ip is in uk,avoid restrictions and limited of your country and isp's,surfing internet with an uk ip,no more limited websites!

Deutsch VPN - Deutsch ip VPN is located germany,you can surfing deutsch internet more quickly,unblock websites,play online game and video.

China VPN - some china websites blocked visitors from overseas,with a china ip vpn,you can visit all websites in china with secure and anonymous.Access baidu mp3,google china mp3 download and more.

Hongkong VPN - Speed increased to visiting hongkong website,operating hongkong bank account online,use hongkong ip vpn find many special news,video playback and games only for hongong local users.

Taiwan VPN - Taiwan ip VPN help you visit taiwan internet over a secure vpn protocol,watching hichannel and video playback in taiwan,play online games in taiwan,taiwan vpn allow you visit ultimate resources in taiwan.

Japan VPN - Japan VPN provide high speed connectivity to japan network.you can surfing any japanese websites with no more limited.enjoy news,video playback and online games,same as japan local users.

Korea VPN - Korea VPN account let you reach korea faster than before,watching korea local news,videos and play online games.network response time to korea will be much better than before!

Singapore VPN - Singapore ip VPN is located at high speed network of singtel, increase more bandwidth to visit singapore's rich internet resources.surfing internet like a singapore citizen.

*(1) There is no traffic limited on all VPN account,Our VPN is for surfing internet only.You should agree local laws,You account will be terminated without notice if any violation.
*(3) We also accept others payment methods:bank transfer,western union or cheque.

Your internet speed will be increased greatly with bcrchina VPN service.all VPN will be assigned ip in their countries.Can support iPhone,iPad,Android,iOS,Windows and Apple Macbook!


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